Shane Smith (Owner/Founder)

Coach Shane cheered in his hometown of Katy, Tx for Katy High School 98/99.

Coach Shane has over 20 years of competitive cheerleading experience at every level. Coach Shane amassed 2 NCA wins as an athlete himself both collegiate and all-star.

He honorably attended Navarro College in Corsicana, Tx and was selected to the Co-ed Cheer Team. Where he assisted in leading Navarro to their 2nd NCA title in 2003.

In 2007 Coach Shane and College Best Friend Casey Lane ventured to open what is now Grand Cheer Allstars Katy, Tx. Grand Cheer has now been a staple for many in Katy, Tx. Successfully operating for 16 years Smith has led his program to 7 NCA title wins and many National titles as well. “ The work is worth it”

Smith’s coaching philosophy centers around three core principles- commitment, selflessness, and team unity. His core values focus on being open and honest with his Athletes while holding them accountable for their efforts.  Coach Shane focuses on embracing the process of growth, which entails the need to focus on how to get better every day in order to succeed later.

RIP Casey D. Lane 1982-2019


Coach Hoss (Jacinto Rodriguez)

Jacinto Rodriguez III, known to many as Hoss, has worked in the cheer/ dance industry for the past 20 years

Hoss worked as a NCA staff instructor 2002-2004, He won an NCA Collegiate National Championship in 2003 with Navarro Junior College and has even taken his talents to the "Big Screen dancing on the movie sets of "Bring It On 4: In It to Win It and the hit number one movie "Pitch perfect 2" as a featured "Treble Maker". Hoss also played the role of Jorge on the USA network tv show "Queen of the South and is also a series regular on the Oprah Winfrey Network tv drama "Queen Sugar" playing the role of "Y gnacio". Recently Hoss choreographed the new cheerleading tv drama "Trophies" coming soon and will be playing a costar role on the upcoming film "Stillwater" starring Matt Damon.

Hoss has created high energy routines for programs all over the U.S., Mexico, England, Scotland Ireland, and has spoken as a Master Choreographer at the Cheer Masters Conference in Bogotá, Colombia. He lives by the motto: "Dreams are meant to come true so go and pursue; Never give up the dream! You can make it happen!'


Junior Coaches